Dark Circles Under Eyes Cause - What to Do When it is Hereditary

There is one major dark circles under eyes cause that cannot be treated by any eye creams or commercial products. Yes, you read that right. If the cause of your dark circle is hereditary, then there is no way that you can get rid of those puffy eyes. Your genetic makeup is wired to have that puffiness in your eyes. This is not easy when you know that there is nothing you can do to eliminate it. Check over here.

The best thing that you can do is to cover up the appearance of these under eye circles. You need concealer cosmetics to do that. There are concealer products that are made from mineral ingredients. The right concealer for under eye circles is the yellow tone concealer. This can cover up the bluish tint that appears under your eyes. If you are using a much lighter tone, then it will give a reverse effect that might make you look like a zombie instead.


When you apply this concealer, try not to over compensate the tone. Use your index finger or ring finger in applying the concealer, that is if you do not have a concealer brush. This will refrain you from putting too much concealer on the area. You need to make sure that you even out the application.

You can also lessen its appearance by applying natural treatment using cucumber extract. You can actually make this treatment at home. First step is to grate the cucumber and then extract its juice. If you do not like cucumber, you can try the potato. You have to remove its peeling before you grate the potato tuber. Once it is done, you can put it on your eyes for ten minutes. You can also use the tea bags. You need to chill the tea bags first before you place them on your eyes over night.

The puffiness will lessen its appearance when you use these natural remedies. However, the dark circles will not go away permanently. You might be thinking of eye surgery. But this treatment is still temporary like the rest of the available medications. You need to understand that your dark circles under eyes cause is part of your genetic makeup.

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There are numerous ways you can try to get rid of dark under eye circles. However, to successfully remove dark eye circles, wrinkles and bags from around your eyes, you need to use the best ingredients and the latest technology in skin care products.